Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zoidberg : Significant Steps

In the last post I showed some parts that I designed to be cut out of thicker material, primarily to allow for the tab that remained to be tapped.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances with the mill, I scrapped several sets of these parts.  Partly as a result I redesigned the parts to be cut from thinner sheet.  The tapped holes were moved to the mating part, which simplified construction.

Parts are now cut from .080" or approximately 2mm thick aluminum sheet.  I used a heat activated clamping compound to hold the parts to a backup plate.  This lets me cut around the perimeter without worrying about holding the part from the sides.  Since the sheet is kept flat, it's easy to put a consistent chamfer around all exterior edges of the parts.

Here are the parts which make up the frame for the "body" of the robot.

Action shot.

Here are all of the parts which make up a single leg.  The two thicker parts are milled from 1/4" thick aluminum. I'm not entirely happy with these, they will be the first parts that I remake.  They will be functional for now, but they need some refinement.

And here is the leg assembled.  I may play a bit with servo orientation, I'm not positive that this is the final arrangement.  

And the robot mainly physically assembled.  Nothing is wired and none of the servos have had their ID's set up.  I also still need to cut a plate to mount the Arbotix board to. 

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