Saturday, October 6, 2012

Setup And Testing

In order to make sure that everything lines up, the first thing that has to be done is to make the axis of rotation of the rotary table parallel to the table travel.  Once that is done, I chucked a piece of machinable wax in the 4 jaw.  

By cutting 4 faces at 90 degrees I can measure to the center of rotation, and set the center of the system to the center of the rotary table.  In this picture I am starting to "turn" down some of the excess wax to make a cylinder.  The wax is entirely recyclable, it can be remelted and re-poured at a little over 200F.  It doesn't wear tools either making it perfect for testing out unproven complicated programs.  

In this video I have "turned" the cylinder down further and I am engraving a pattern on the outside.  It's a very simple knot work pattern.  The final project may evolve this style a bit.  Again Alibre is a bit different than other software I am used to.  I need to work with the rotary axis post/setup to get the output that I want.  Currently I don't have things working so rotary feed is output correctly.  Everything is correct, but I had to trick the system into moving this fast.
Here is a close up of the result.

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